Friday, August 22, 2014

Dear Big Brother Stans: Find Your Chill

Big Brother is a game. The purpose of the game is to plot, manipulate and lie your way to $500K. If you can't handle the show, the solution is simple: Don't watch. I used to religiously watch the show, then Evel Dick poured water or tea or whatever it was on that woman's head and I was done. I couldn't support a show that considered that entertainment. I have kept track of some of the seasons online and occasionally watched an episode or two, but it hasn't been the same since then. 

For the first time in a long time, I kept track of the live feeds this season. I confess that it was all because of Zankie and I probably won't follow the feeds as much or as obsessively anymore, but that's beside the point. The point is that I don't particularly like Frankie. I feel like the only person in the house who he was genuine with was Zach and now Zach is gone. However, I get that it is a game. He's not in the house acting like a racist or some other kind of bigot: he is simply playing the game. He lies, he makes outlandish statements, he talks major shit about people behind their backs, and guess what? He's not the only person in the house that does that. His actions reflect the nature of the game, so if you can't stomach it, stop watching. This season is actually fairly tame compared to what I heard about last season. I heard such awful things about last season that I watched a few clips. The way Amanda bullied Elissa was disgusting. We've seen people ignored this season and we've seen Zach yell at people and try to put on a show, but we haven't seen the level of bullying that took place last season or in some of the previous seasons. 

Frankie put Zach up because Frankie and the other alliance members were tired of Zach running his mouth. Zach admitted as much in his interview with Julie. If Zach understands why he was voted out and if he gets that it's a game, why don't some of his stans get that?

I was shocked yesterday when I saw tweets that someone had hacked Frankie's twitter and deleted his Instagram. Seriously? Social media is how the man makes his money and you're going to fuck with that because he betrayed his best friend on a television show? Really! The only word that I can think of to describe it is juvenile. It's as bad as the fans who screamed disparaging comments about Frankie and put the entire house in lockdown. Grow up! IT IS A GAME! The entire point of the game is to BACKSTAB and LIE. If you want to vent online then go right ahead. Call Frankie every dirty, disgusting name that your little fingers can type. Spew whatever vile comments your heart desires, but leave it at that. Deleting his Instagram and hacking his Twitter is crossing the line. You are going beyond being a fan and all the fans who support such actions need to have a seat. Or as other fans would say: find your chill. 

On a side note: I loved Zach and Frankie's friendship, but I'm not sad that Zach is gone because I think that their friendship might have ended up being damaged beyond repair if Zach had stayed. Like Donny said, Frankie and Zach had a weird love/hate relationship. I'm happy that there was still love there when Zach left.

Am I Wrong?

So, I just responded to a comment and now I'm wondering if I was wrong to respond. I received a comment on my "The Right to Surrender" post. 

The comment said: 
"By all accounts?" Excuse me...the facts are NOT in...but we do know ONE FACT - he had committed a robbery hours before walking down the middle of the street and being asked by a policeman to come over (who didn't know about the robbery)...EXCUSE ME! The facts are NOT IN YET...stop judging!

I responded:
Wow, normally I wouldn't take the bait, but I'll bite. Did you even read the whole post? First of all, it says, "By the accounts of multiple witnesses," not "By all accounts." I worded it that way on purpose because, at that time, we hadn't heard Darren's side. Second, can you please point out to me where I judged the case? I explained that Darren Wilson lost control of the situation and a terrible tragedy occurred at his hands; I gave my opinion about people who went online and made nasty comments that seemed to insinuate that stealing somehow made Mike Brown worthy of death; I condemned the initial police response; I condemned the looters and the rioters and praised those who stood against them and I ended the post with "How do we solve this? The solution is simple: arrest the officer who shot and killed Mike Brown. Take this battle off the streets and send it to the courts where it belongs." I'm tired of the case being tried in the media. I want it to go to court so that we can all (hopefully) hear the facts. How you find fault in all of that is beyond me. At no time did I claim to know the facts. The only place I can possibly see you interpreting as stating "facts" is the part that says, "Mike Brown was done running. He was trying to give up and his right to surrender was taken away" and that is based on the now 5 witnesses, it's not something I just grabbed out of the air. I went out of my way not to say anything disparaging about Darren Wilson, because you're right, we don't know all of the facts yet. However, I respectfully disagree with you that we know ONE FACT. We actually know TWO FACTS. The one about the robbery that you and I both stated and we know that Mike Brown is dead and Darren Wilson killed him. The next time you want to be outraged by something you read that doesn't share your sentiment, I suggest you read it twice and make sure it's saying what you think it's saying.

Was I wrong to respond? Should I have just left it alone?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Right to Surrender

Mike Brown is dead. By the accounts of multiple witnesses, he stopped running away, turned around, put his hands up in the air and surrendered, but the shooting didn't stop. According to multiple witnesses, Darren Wilson continued to fire on the unarmed Brown until he literally put him down.

Does this make Darren Wilson a racist cop? Not necessarily. We all have our moments when we lose it. I like to believe that Wilson had one of those moments. He lost control and a terrible tragedy occurred at his hands.

Does Brown have to be sinless for us to care about his death? No. Brown's friend admitted that they stole from the store, but how can anyone use stealing $50 worth of products as a legitimate reason to be put to death? Some of the comments that I have seen have been downright disgusting. When did Americans become so evil? To justify the death of an 18 year old, unarmed teen, because he stole from a store, is to forget that America has this crazy thing called due process. We don't chop off people's hands when they steal things. We don't shoot them down in the middle of the street like they are an animal. We arrest them and give them their day in court. It is the American way. It is part of what makes us civilized.

It is interesting to note that the store did not call the cops. A customer at the store called the cops. My first question was why didn't the store also call the cops? There have been several rumored answers, but I can't verify any of them so I won't repeat them.

It is also interesting to note that the police chief admitted that Darren Wilson did not stop Brown on suspicion of involvement in the robbery. To that, some people have responded, "well Mike Brown knew he was a robbery suspect, so he probably attacked the cop and that's why the cop had to shoot him." I can see part of that argument, but the argument falls short when you remember how it all ended. Mike Brown was done running. He was trying to give up and his right to surrender was taken away.

Now for the protests. Since when do we point guns at peaceful protestors and arrest journalists to try to scare them out of reporting the story? Don't we condemn other countries for doing that type of thing? Speaking of which, am I the only person who remembers that they brought the dogs out one night? Did I miss a memo? Are the people of Ferguson not really American citizens? I don't understand the justifications for the initial militarized response to the protests.

As for the looting and the riots, I can't defend all. If you're upset then take to the street and protest peacefully. Why would you protest a crime by committing crimes of your own? However, out of the looting and the riots came one of the brightest moments of this whole mess: a group of young black boys stood in front of a store and protected it from looters. That moment took my breath away, and I'm not going to lie, it redeemed my faith in our youth a little. These young people saw that the police were standing down and were not going to stop the looting, so they took matters in to their own hands and stood up for their community and for what was right.

How do we solve this? The solution is simple: arrest the officer who shot and killed Mike Brown. Take this battle off the streets and send it to the courts where it belongs.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Stop with the Sob Stories

Reality television brought me back from the grave. I was done blogging, but here I am writing this blog and it won't be about zankie. I promise. I live in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. The Gay Games have started in Cleveland. I'm excited, but I don't plan to attend any of the events. On a side note, I have already seen more political ads than I care to see. This may sound heartless, but I don't care that your mother and father died in a car accident (I'm looking at you Kasich). I care about what you plan to do for the state and for me. I hate that politics are very similar to reality competitions. I don't care to hear your sob story. Either you have talent or you don't. Your sob story doesn't tell me crap about what you've done or what you plan to do.

Friday, August 8, 2014

My Zankie Rant

I've been a fool. I don't even watch Big Brother anymore because I don't like the values that it promotes, but I have been obsessing over the online updates; shamelessly reading every detail about Frankie and Zach (aka Zankie), thinking, maybe, just maybe, something beautiful could come out of the shitfest that is Big Brother. However, Zankie are currently both being idiots and I've decided that I am done...again. I'm too emotional to continue to participate in this "game." Whether they are truly both dumb enough to fall for the same strategy, employed by the same two guys (Derrick and Cody) or whether they are just superb actors showing the houseguests what they want to see, doesn't matter to me anymore. I feel like they fucked with my heart, because whatever they had, whether it was friendship or something more, was beautiful and now I don't know what it is. If they're playing a part for the house and "it's their plan" then they are both sick people and if they truly believe Derrick and Cody after all the things that they have said to them then they are both too naive for the show. Either way, this is where I jump off the ride and walk away. 

Last night should have been happy, but they ruined everything and I thank them for that. I am now free to continue with my life. No more checking Zankie updates when I first wake up or staying up until the wee hours of the morning just to read about them. 

I have issues. I have never denied that, but as Ariana would say today "I got one less problem without ya." 

I had to get that out. Whew! I feel a lot let me go check the zankie feed. Lol.