Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Day...

I have finally started working on my website again. It seems like I haven’t touched it in forever. Ssh. I know it seemed that way because it was that way.

I feel somewhat adjusted to being a teacher. It’s an interesting profession. I wish I could be happy about it though, but it feels more like a job I kinda like and got stuck doing rather than a job I’m passionate about. How many people get to be passionate about what they do? I would say very few. I’m selfish though because my goal is to be one of those few.

Status: Dreaming big.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Losing Weekend

OSU and the Brownies lost. I pretty much expected both losses so I’m okay. Here’s a random poem:

Rose Colored Glasses

We took a trip down an old path
And saw some things we didn’t like
There were glass houses that had been shattered
And homes with open doors
There were patches of brown grass and overgrown weeds
Ruled and governed by dandelions
We saw those things and understood
The path had not been manicured
It stood as it was with no apologies
And no fresh coats of paint
The old path was worth the visit
But we left it there, unchanged
And walked back to the main road.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My review of the A-List New York

I just finished watching the first episode of The A-List New York. It’s not a show I’ll watch every week, but I could see myself checking in on the show from time to time. I love Reichen. I’ve loved him since the Amazing Race. He’s the only familiar face (besides the cameos) that I knew on the show. Of course, I’m not in New York and I’m nowhere near the A-List so that shouldn’t be a surprise.

I do think it’s ironic that Reichen thinks honesty is really important in a relationship, yet he said “Yes. I do,” when Rodiney asked him if he loved him then he told the camera that he liked Rodiney but he didn’t love him yet. I know lots of people lie to keep the peace, but I have never lied and told someone that I loved them when I didn’t. If I say it, then I mean it and it’s true.

That said, omg, Rodiney and Reichen naked together was too much. Ooh, la la. Reichen and Rodiney both have amazing bodies, but I’m not shallow…I’m just appreciative.

I will have to check in on the show again because it is clear Austin is in the show to bring the drama.

Status: Watching episode two. :-D. Please don’t judge.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Justice B. Hill, Please Stop...Thank You

I decided to take a minute and post today because I’m trying to post more regularly. I saw an article on Yahoo today that really pissed me off. The article made it seem like everyone in Cleveland is still upset that LeBron left. I’d just like to send a memo to the writer: Justice B. Hill. That news has come and gone and most Clevelanders have moved on. We may crack jokes about LeBron and take a couple pot shots, but who wouldn’t given the circumstances?

I’m from a suburb of Cleveland, but I consider myself a Clevelander through and through. Cleveland has always been a show and tell type of town. Don’t say you love the Cavs and not know that Austin Carr was once a Cavalier. Don’t say you love the Browns if you only know the name of one player on the team. Don’t say you love the Indians if you don’t rejoice when you see them listed anywhere other than the cellar and if don’t know what the cellar is then you clearly don’t love the Indians. Don’t say you know this town’s history of heartbreaks and blah, blah, blah then go on national tv and tell the town to go screw itself.

Clevelanders are the type of fans who wear their hearts on their sleeves and wait until they can be properly crushed by some local celebrity or dumb general manager. Our hearts don’t stay crushed though. We pick up the pieces, dust them off, tape our hearts back together, hold them back out and wait patiently until it’s time to repeat. We’re resilient that way. Nothing completely breaks us and that includes losing a player who clearly didn’t want to be here.

If you want to talk about something, Justice B. Hill, then talk about something that is news worthy and stop recycling the same old stale story.