Thursday, February 3, 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio Has Already Made Out With a Man On Camera

Okay so I occasionally troll for gossip. My sister is a gossip fiend who is glued to her iPhone reading the latest juicy tidbits so I like to read gossip from time to time and shock her with what I know. Anyway, I had some free time today and I went to one of my sister’s many gossip favorites: Mediatakeout. I saw the headline “WTF????Leonardo To Play A GAY MAN in New Movie…And Will Have A MAKE OUT SCENE…With Another MALE ACTOR!!” My first thought was, “um he’s done that before,” but being a former Leo lover, I had to click on it and read the story. The link led to an article from The Huffington Post. The article reported that Leonardo DiCaprio was going to play J. Edgar Hoover and that Leo would be kissing another man.

When I think of Leo kissing another man, I think of this small movie named “Total Eclipse.” I saw it when I was a teenager (thank you IFC). Leo had a twisted love affair with a man in that movie. They kissed and everything. I think they were poets or something like that. Leo’s character was clearly much younger than his lover and this was during the time when I had a thing for Leo, so I didn’t like that he was kissing an older man.

On a completely inappropriate note, the guy playing Leo’s lover in the Hoover movie is a cutie patootie and I can’t wait to see Leo making out with him. I can live without the Leo in a dress part, but I definitely want more of Leo kissing Armie Hammer.

Leo and Armie Hammer:

I get that only about three people actually saw “Total Eclipse,” but does no one know that Leo was young and hot when he did his first male-male onscreen kisses? Wait, I need a moment. Lol. I really did used to love Leonardo DiCaprio. He and Jonathan Brandis could do no wrong when I was younger. Ahh, the memories. RIP Jonathan.

Young Leo:

Jonathan Brandis:

Yes, there were better pictures of Jonathan and Leo on the internet. I liked Leo’s because it looks like he’s trying to be tough and I liked this one of Jonathan because of the dog and the lighting. It felt like a good picture of someone who is gone.