Monday, November 9, 2015

Free Fall Movie Review

I haven't written a movie review in a while, but I have watched several movies. One of those movies was a German gem titled Freier Fall (Free Fall for all of you English speakers) a few months ago. Free Fall is good. It had a storyline that I typically don't like, but it did it in a way that made me sympathetic instead of judgmental.

The main character, Marc, is in a relationship with a woman. The woman is pregnant and they are well on their way to being a family. Unfortunately, Marc meets a guy, Kay. Marc and Kay go running together and become more than friends. The attraction between them is hard to deny. I knew after the first "kiss" that Marc would be back for more. How could he not? The kiss leads Marc down a slippery slope that is riveting to watch. It's impossible for him to go back to the life he knew before, but it's also difficult for him to step forward and claim the life that he wants. The audience watches as Marc's life slowly spirals out of his control.

And don't get me started on the sex scenes. Wow! I just...I can't. Maybe it's the desperateness of their first time or the animalistic way that they kiss each other. Whatever it is, the two actors combine to make scenes that emanate heat and lust and will probably leave you feeling some type of way. I've included a clip below, but make sure that you are 18 or older because children should definitely not see what Marc and Kay do to each other. 

I give the movie a B+, mostly because I'm a romantic at heart so I was rooting for a happy ending. However, there is still hope because there is a rumor that there will be a Free Fall 2. I'm definitely looking forward to continuing this journey with Marc and hopefully Kay.  

I know that Free Fall is available on Netflix and through Amazon. I highly recommend that you rent the movie. You won't regret it.