Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hollyoaks, I love you!...Again

Hollyoaks has a new gay couple! I’m excited and upset at the same time. They are certainly no McDean, but they do bring the drama. It’s an abusive relationship, which is really tugging at my heart. I hate that Ste is staying and that he can’t really get away. I do want to see how the story unfolds though.

There is definitely a nice dynamic that Ste used to beat on Amy and now Ste is allowing someone to do the same to him and Amy is trying to be the voice of reason and tell Ste to get out of the relationship before it gets too bad.

It seems violent relationships always escalate. I guess both parties become more comfortable with the abuse so it becomes more routine. The mind games are ridiculous and the trick of finding the right person is interesting. How do you know that someone will let you abuse them?

Anyway, I saw one scene and felt like writing a poem about it:

Without Concessions

How dare you ask me for that!
Who do I look like?
I’m not some fool, if that’s what you think
I won’t part with it.
It’s mine.

If I give it to you, I might never get it back
Therefore, I refuse to let it go
I won’t let you own me
So I’m sorry,
But I can’t let you take that thing that belongs to me.

I’m keeping what’s mine
You keep what’s yours.