Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Love You Wendy Williams

I’ve gotten lazy with the posting again, which should be obvious by my lack of posts. I am going to get better again. I’ve been preoccupied with a variety of things.

Just to be completely random: I saw am old friend on television last night. The Wendy Williams Show to be exact. I love Wendy’s show. At least I love it right now, but I’m fairly fickle so that love may be gone in a week or so. Her show is right up my alley. It has the gossip and the scandal and people’s personal situations. It’s just a fun show.

Status: Giving my fingers a break because I’ve been writing all day.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm off of Twitter and Chima is off of Big Brother...Do I Care About Either?

Have you ever realized that you were just not cut out for something? I gave twitter a try. I swear I did, but I quickly lost interest. I don’t care what other people are doing and I don’t care to post what I’m doing. Oddly enough, I actually had a social life while I was on twitter, but I didn’t put up any details of what I was doing. I missed a day here and a day there, and then, I signed in today and realized I had gone an entire week without posting and that’s just ridiculous, so I cancelled my account.

Now on to other news: I only watch Big Brother on Thursday and that’s if I decide to watch it at all that week. I don’t care about the activities of the other days because I usually read the short summaries online and go about my business. I’m tempted to watch it tonight and see if the show addresses Chima’s departure, but I really don’t care much. I don’t like any of the people left in the house. To be honest, I didn’t like any of this season’s cast, at all. This is the first season I’ve watched since the All Stars season and I don’t know why I’m watching. I wish there was a way for none of them to win. I’ll keep watching on Thursday though, because I enjoy seeing people voted off by their fake friends, plus this season has had some great speeches.

Status: Thinking I need to deal with some real news.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Tweeting Days May Be Ending Soon

I remember the days when I used to update my blog about once a day. Those days gave way to once every couple of days and then to once a week for the most part. I have real issues with routine. I guess I don’t like it all that much. I thought about this because of the twitter thing. I didn’t tweet for two days and then I had half as many followers when I returned. It wouldn’t be an issue if I started at like a hundred followers or more, but I only had twenty, so the dip was duly noted on my part and made me wonder if I’m cut out for twitter. I went another whole day without tweeting and lost a couple more followers. Now I’m down to single digits.

I’m thinking I should stop tweeting because I don’t really have anything to say. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said I lead a boring life. I don’t do many interesting things. I’m not sad about it or anything. I mean I made it this way for a reason because right now I don’t want to be overly social. I have some of my own issues that I am trying to sort out and it’s easier to do that if I can focus a good portion of my energy on me without needing to divide it between me and someone else. For now, I’m content living vicariously through the lives of my friends, but still open to the possibility that Mr. Right may suddenly appear one day because I understand that love does not always wait until you think you’re ready.

Status: Wondering if I need to get a life or stop tweeting.